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Professional collaboration among teachersWith decades of experience in education working directly in and with schools, we believe unequivocally that education professionals are just that–professionals–and as such, are looking for opportunities to learn and grow, all with the purpose of having greater success with the students they serve.

As opposed to professional “development” or “training”, which suggests that if you just give educators a special program, all they have to do is adapt to it and implement with fidelity, we provide professional learning experiences. We respect, and expect, our participants to be independent thinkers who want to grapple with the hard questions and to find opportunities to integrate, and then translate, new practices and approaches to their classrooms and schools.

Therefore, we lead sessions and conversations by providing participants new information, facilitate a collaborative dialogue for them to make meaning together, provide a safe space for them to experiment with and “try on” the new ideas, and help them reflect and grow–the very same learning experiences we expect them to be providing for their students. One participant described his experience with us as “the most authentic collaborative learning experience I’ve had.”

We also do not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach. We work closely with schools and districts to tailor our curriculum and instruction, making sure that we build on the hard work already accomplished and address the areas in greatest need. Throughout our partnership, we invite schools and districts to give us feedback on our work so we can make appropriate adjustments to accommodate the learning of the group and the evolving context.

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