Integrity, Care, Equity

We are committed to these three values to drive everything we do.

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Introduction to Crescendo Grading Work

School Grading Policies are Failing Children

Read the Equitable Grading Project's Recently-Released Report

School Grading Policies are Failing Children - A Call to Action for Equitable Grading

Grades are an essential currency of our schools. Schools, colleges, and employers use grades to determine many important, and in some cases, life-altering decisions.

Grading policies actually help fuel achievement gaps, reinforcing the differences in family resources and support based on students’ race and income.

Grading for Equity

Partnering with Schools, Districts, and Universities

We provide comprehensive professional development and support for teachers and administrators to examine and make their grading and assessment practices more equitable.

Presentations and Workshops

We provide an overview of the history of traditional grading practices and their negative impact on teaching and learning, and how they perpetuate achievement gaps. Build a sense of urgency and engagement to make grading more equitable.

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