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Grading that is accurate, bias-resistant, and motivating improves learning for every student and teacher.

The Problem with Traditional Grading

The grades students receive profoundly affect their learning experiences, opportunities, and even life trajectories. Unfortunately, traditional grading practices have long undermined effective teaching and learning, reinforced achievement disparities, created high-stress classrooms, and failed to accurately describe many students’ true learning.

Most teachers are unaware of the overwhelming research:

Grading can be more accurate and fair
Grading can build a student’s agency that shifts from a focus on points to a focus on learning.

As teachers and leaders, we have a moral responsibility to critically examine our current, inherited grading practices and make them better.

Improve Grading In Each Classroom and Systemwide

Equitable grading updates and improves on our 100-year-old grading practices. Unlike traditional grading, equitable grading is grading based only on a student’s understanding of course content (or course standards), thereby making grades more accurate, fair, consistent, and motivating.

At Crescendo Education Group, we provide eye-opening learning experiences that empower educators to implement improved grading and assessment in each classroom and systemwide.

Our partnerships over the last decade have consistently resulted in:

  • Higher student achievement and more rigorous standards
  • More consistent grading across teachers
  • Narrowing of achievement and opportunity gaps

Partner with Us to Improve Grading

We’re here to support schools and districts with improved grading. Changing grading is hard, but it’s possible. And it’s worth it.

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For Educators, By Educators

Our team of current and former educators brings deep knowledge of equitable grading research and practices. With hands-on experience in both classrooms and administrative roles, we understand common challenges and know how to support teachers and leaders to overcome hurdles and improve grading and assessment.

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Powerful Learning Experiences

Our engaging workshops and coaching empower educators. With a combination of in-person and virtual formats, synchronous and asynchronous activities, and collaborative and individualized learning, we tailor our work to meet teachers and leaders where they are. We provide the research, knowledge, and strategies educators need to realize the benefits of equitable grading–for them and their students.

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Tailored Programs

We offer a wide array of services tailored to meet your specific needs. From workshops to individualized coaching to leadership support, we offer comprehensive solutions for schools, districts, and educators at all levels. No matter where your school or district is in its journey towards equitable grading and the unique circumstances you face, we are here to provide support and guidance along the way.

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“School Grading Policies are Failing Children”

How do traditional grading policies unintentionally undermine learning and contribute to achievement gaps? What are the benefits of more equitable grading? Read the Equitable Grading Project’s Report – ‘School Grading Policies are Failing Children – A Call to Action for Equitable Grading.’

Making an Impact Matters

Since 2014, we have supported hundreds of schools and districts nationwide–and thousands of educators–with improving grading.

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Teachers Served Nationwide


Teachers report confidence
in consistency and clarity
of grading practices


Teachers report improvement in not just grading but overall teaching

Let’s Get Started

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1. Discovery

Meet with a member of our team to explain your needs and circumstances, including any prior experiences with improving grading.

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2. Planning

After understanding your context, we’ll work together to select products and services that meet your needs and budget.

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3. Partnership

We’ll provide engaging, effective services that increase awareness, understanding, and implementation of equitable grading practices. Throughout, we will provide insights into the impact of the work and track progress towards our shared goals.

Ready to improve equitable grading in your school or district?

Read the Book

Grading for Equity

What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms

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