Crescendo Education Group is a team current and former teachers and school / district administrators who believe that the most powerful way to improve student achievement, particularly for historically-underserved populations, is to create powerful learning experiences for those who educate them.

We focus on building capacity of teachers and leaders to understand, develop, and implement more equitable grading and assessment practices that fulfill the Grading for Equity pillars: they are accurate, bias-resistant, and motivational. We partner in several ways tailored to the needs and context of our partners:

Equitable Grading Workshops, Institutes, or Keynotes

We build awareness and understanding of equitable grading through introductory workshops and keynote speaking engagements. Participants will feel a greater sense of urgency and motivation to tackle the complexity of improving grading with an overview of the why, the what, and the how of equitable grading!

Additional information about our pedagogical approach to teacher learning about equitable grading. 

Systemwide Change Partnership

We support teachers with a series of intensive workshops, individual coaching, and action research cycles in which they implement equitable grading practices, collect data, and share results with colleagues. Alongside teacher-focused learning, we provide administrators with strategies and approaches to lead this work and engage families and students.

Grading for Equity Online Course

The self-paced online course provides an interactive experience for teachers to deepen their learning and build capacity to quickly begin using more equitable grading practices. Teachers also receive individualized feedback and support on course exercises.