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Navigating Shared Decision-Making in Schools: The Complexities of Grading Policies

Who makes decisions in schools? Principals frequently promote “shared decision-making” or “distributed leadership” as a signal to teachers that their voices matter. A principal knows that teachers are more likely...

Traditional Grading May Not Be as Straightforward as It Seems

Education Week | February 2024
Each teacher’s grading becomes siloed, leading to wide variability—one 10th grade English teacher grades very differently from the 10th grade English teacher next door,...
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What Many Advocates–and Critics–Get Wrong about ‘Equitable Grading’

Education Week | February 2024
As someone who has researched equitable grading, written about it, and worked with hundreds of teachers to understand and implement the practices for it over...

The Tyranny of Grading Software

How do electronic gradebooks undermine teachers’ professionalism and anchor them to an inaccurate and unfair grading system? Grading has come a long way from the paper grid sheets I used...

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