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Unprepared College Students: A Perfect Storm

In Baltimore County, thousands of high school seniors are being required to take remedial math and English courses. And it’s not just in the city’s schools, where estimates are that around 50% of students will need remedial coursework; in the more well-to-do suburbs, the...

The Myth of High-Performing Schools

When we’re identifying the best K-12 schools, some easy information to get is the school’s standardized test scores. Some states assign A-F grades to schools to make it even easier for us. These “grades” usually include not just student test scores, but data such as student...

What Grading Has to Do With Chronic Absenteeism

The US Department of Education recently posted a website on chronic absenteeism that highlights data from its 2013-14 Civil Rights Data Collection. The headline is that about 13% of all students were “chronically absent”—missing at least 15 days (or 3 weeks) of school during the...

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