Personalized Coaching to Improve Grading

At Crescendo Education Group, we understand the pivotal role teachers play in shaping the educational journey of their students. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing tailored support and guidance to help teachers navigate the complexities of equitable grading and experience the transformative impact of the practices–for them and for their students.

Whether a teacher is grappling with grading disparities, frustrated by students focused only on point accumulation, or striving to make grading less difficult and subjective, our expert coaches will support them every step of the way.

Elements of Coaching

Implement Equitable Grading Practices

Coaches support teachers to understand and implement more equitable grading practices, and reflect on the outcomes.

Receive Individualized Support

Coaches use probing questions to guide thinking, invite reflection, and build the capacity of each teacher to implement improved grading.

Build Evidence for Equitable Grading

Each teacher chooses an
equitable grading practice to
implement and collect data to assess the results.

Coaching Empowers and Supports Teachers

Through coaching, teachers will:

  • Develop insightful strategies to implement more equitable grading practices in the classroom
  • Generate classroom-based evidence to justify and accelerate equitable grading across classrooms
  • Receive support to overcome potential hurdles and promote consistent engagement and process

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