We believe that we must be in relationships that are reliable and trusting, and steadfast in our program design and focus on impact. We do this by ensuring our actions, services and decisions adhere to our company’s mission and values, and are based on research, and by being explicit and transparent about our expectations and processes.


We believe that every person has unique perspectives, strengths, and needs and that every person can realize their full potential when they receive honest feedback, responsive support, agency, and voice. We show care when we are responsive, listen attentively and communicate honestly, approach conflict with courage and humility, hold each other accountable, and work in ways that recognize our mutual interdependence and humanity.


We believe in the moral imperative to disrupt harmful cycles and systemic barriers that preserve and promote white supremacy and other harmful cycles of power and privilege, and to amplify the voices of those historically underserved or silenced so that we can create environments that are more just and that allow for all people to succeed. We do this by engaging in the “work” of anti-racist practices and behaviors, both individually and collectively, and by utilizing structures and systems that counteract institutional and implicit biases.