Start Your Journey: Grading for Equity Online Course

Discover how to transform schools and classrooms with equitable grading practices that are accurate, bias-resistant, and motivational through our engaging online course led by Joe Feldman.

The Grading for Equity Online Course is a self-paced, interactive learning experience for teachers to critically examine traditional grading, build their understanding of equitable grading, and are ready for their grading to be more accurate, bias-resistant, and motivational!

The course is available for an individual teacher to enroll, and we also offer bulk course enrollments so teachers across your school and district can participate in the course together.

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Examine Common Grading Practices

Understand the history of our century-old grading practices and the negative impact on students.

Explore equitable grading practices through 10 self-paced modules of videos, readings, and exercises

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Learn More Equitable Grading Practices

Explore grading practices that are more accurate, bias-resistant, and motivational.

Learn how to integrate them into your classroom and school.

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Get Support

Get personalized feedback on module exercises from educators experienced with equitable grading.

Engage in a live Q & A with one of our expert facilitators, alongside other course participants nationwide.

Many districts choose to use the Grading for Equity Online Course as a learning option alongside other Crescendo Education Group services.

  • Albuquerque Public Schools offered the online course as an alternative option for teachers who were unable to participate their System Change Partnership workshop series and coaching
  • Liberty Union High School District offered five 1:1 coaching sessions for each teacher who completed the online course.
  • Germantown Friends School scheduled a series of Q & A sessions for their teachers after they completed the online course or read the book.
  • San Jose Unified School District purchased a 2-Day Grading for Equity Institute for 100 teachers, and based on the positive feedback, offered the online course to every teacher in the district, and required the course to onboard newly hired teachers.

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Let’s talk about how we can support your journey toward equitable grading.