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3-hour session every other week, with content tailored to the school’s/district’s goals and the individual’s learning needs. The strategies include:

  1. Thought-partnering: Use facilitative coaching strategies to build the principal’s capacity to address their priorities and dilemmas
  2. Coaching around specific goals: Focus on the leader’s instructional goal to co-strategize on short-term or long-term school initiatives or priorities
  3. Classroom walkthroughs: Observe a set of classrooms (approximately 5-10 min each) with school leadership to sharpen the principal’s identification and assessment of high-quality classroom instruction. Following the walkthrough, co-create a plan for the leadership to use the information from the walkthrough to support schoolwide or instructional quality
  4. Feedback on observed performance: Attend professional development meetings or other meetings facilitated by the principal, and debrief with her/him about how to refine and adjust their actions in future meetings generally, and to follow-up on the observed meeting specifically.